I am a 26-year-old single woman who rarely dreams.I had a dream just before waking up.

I can't remember it before, maybe I want to buy a house with my parents, or do something. I was counting money, counting one by one, and putting the money on the roadside. When someone came to pick it up, I yelled at him. He took the money to run, I grabbed him, instead he snatched the money in my hand and took a taxi to escape. I immediately called the police and reported the robbery, location, license plate number, Then watched the car drive away and woke up.

Thank you for helping me interpret my dreams. Recently, there is a lot of pressure on money and a lot of pressure on people around me to care about my feelings.

( Zhou Gong's official website for dream interpretation) Xie Dream said: I want to buy a house with my parents, which means that I have to build a "home" like my parents, and one by one can be understood as a detailed analysis of his various conditions, Value, putting money on the side of the road means that you are demonstrating your own value. Someone comes to pick it up, that is, someone sees your value and wants to further develop the relationship with you, and you are hesitant about this and think that you I lost, so I want to get back his value from him, but it involves more entanglements. The other party robs you of your value and runs away. The police means awakening a part of his mind responsible for moral restraint. Some of the judgments have just happened, and I hope they will be fair. In fact, your value cannot be taken away by others. No matter what happens in your relationship, your value is not damaged.

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