What does it mean that Zhou Gong interprets dreams and dreams about snakes ?

Snake is one of the common animals in dreams, and it is also one of the most commonly used images. The snake represents a lot of content. First of all, the snake in dreams is sometimes symbolic. In women's dreams, snakes symbolize male genitals. They are indeed similar in shape, and poisonous snakes symbolize sexual harm. The attitude towards snakes in dreams, such as love, disgust and fear, often also illustrates the dreamer's attitude towards sex. Common dreams include being a snake chasing a hurry, is the snake-ridden and bitten by a snake , escape and catch symbolizes the dreamer's fear of sex; it is a symbol of the snake-ridden love between men and women; if women often dream of being bitten by a snake , the This shows that the dreamer has anxiety about being afraid of being violated by the opposite sex.

Second, physiologically, snakes also represent the spine, and spinal lesions are represented by injured snakes. From the perspective of yin and yang, snake means yin.

Once again, snakes represent evil, cunning, cold-blooded, deceit, and temptation, which is the same image as snakes in many myths and folklore. In the Bible, the snake tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. Snakes are often seen as animals or demon messengers in hell. They drag people to darkness, depravity, and evil, and their methods are mainly temptation. In folklore, snakes eat frogs instead of actively catching them. Once a snake finds a frog, it stares at it. At this time, the frog is hypnotized and jumps into the snake's mouth step by step. In people's minds, snakes represent such a hypnotic temptation power. So when people find someone seductive and evil, they call it a viper; if the seducer is a woman , we call them a beautiful snake, a viper beauty, or a woman a viper.

Therefore, the snake in dream may be an evil, cunning, deceived, hypnotic temptation or charm person.

Dreaming of snakes may indeed imply that the dreamer's perception of sex or sexual life, maybe the dreamer's desire for dissatisfaction, or sexual behavior that makes you feel full of guilt, or you can enjoy yourself and be happy Symbol of sexual life;

Dreaming of killing the snake , Zhou Gong's dream interpretation suggested that the dreamer could conquer the enemy;

Dreaming of the snake getting into the hole, reminding the dreamer to lock the door when going out to prevent theft and loss of property at home due to carelessness;

Dreaming of a snake fighting with a cat, implying that all the disaster of the dreamer will pass;

Dreaming of confrontation with the python , and finally dodging himself, indicating that the dreamer can escape from the enemy's claw;

Dreaming of snakes eating others means danger is not endangering themselves;

Dreaming of snakes eating frogs, there are two sayings, one is that there will be wealth, and the other implies that dreamers may have a quarrel with others;

Dreaming of a snake snake, suggesting that the dreamer will be interested in things that were once not interested, and will be lucky;

Dreaming of snake coils on the roof beams, reminding dreamers not to be paralyzed and pay more attention to travel safety;

Dreaming that the snake pan is under the bed, indicating that the dreamer may be sick. It is important to maintain an optimistic mood, because the mood of a person is very important. If the mood is optimistic, the condition will be easily improved. If the snake climbs into the bed, it implies Dreamers of this disease need good treatment;

Dreaming of a small snake becoming a big snake, and even sticking his tongue or spraying water to himself, this is a sexual dream. The snake is like the male reproductive organs, suggesting that the dreamer has physiological needs and desires pleasant sex;

Dreaming of a snake turning into a dragon and flying in the air implies that the dreamer will have strong friends or elders who can help himself and support him vigorously in his career and work; he will surely succeed;

Dreaming of a snake swimming in the water means that the dreamer will be promoted, and this is won by his own strength, so colleagues also admire themselves very well, and will cooperate well with themselves to make their work go smoothly.

Dreaming of being surrounded by snakes

Dreaming of snakes also has some other characteristics, such as cold blood, so dreaming of snakes can symbolize a person's emotional indifference. Once dreaming of snakes entangled , pythons will entangle people, or devour people. Because the snake can also symbolize a kind of human emotion, he or she is entangled with you, and the dreamer can't breathe; or he or she is so considerate about himself that this excessive meticulousness makes himself absent Independence. A mother who is too much doted on her child may turn into a big snake in her child's dream, trying to swallow the child.

Dreaming of snake-wrapped dreams is a symbol of betrayal or a disease in some part of the dreamer's body. The emergence of snakes in dreams is an ominous sign. Snakes indicate that there will be many difficulties, obstacles and betrayals.

Dreaming that the snake was lingering on itself, terrified and unable to get away, meant that the dreamer would encounter some difficulties, obstacles or see a betrayal of himself, which he couldn't even believe;

I dreamed that my snake was entangled in my neck, reminding the dreamer that I might get sick. I should pay more attention to my body every day. At any time, my body should be the first. Only a strong body can support myself to do anything.

Dreaming of being bitten by a snake

In the dream, I was bitten by a snake. It is an auspicious sign. The dreamer will have good luck and a rich life.

Dreaming of being bitten by a snake implies that the dreamer is not afraid of danger, and will have both good luck and wealth, and a happy life;

Dreaming that I was bitten by a snake and bitten, indicating that the dreamer may be violated recently. This kind of physical violation makes me feel very uncomfortable, maybe it is a kind of disgusting sexual harassment. I have to find a way Get out of the way, on the other hand, it also represents a red light for the health of the dreamer, so pay more attention;

Dreaming that she was bitten by a snake in the water, indicating that the part of the dreamer may be a potential area of ​​disease;

A pregnant woman dreams that she was bitten by a snake, which means that the dreamer will give birth to a boy. If the snake is enlarged and clumsy, it means that the child will be very smart;

Unmarried people dream of being bitten by a snake, and then killing the snake to bring it back to life, meaning that the dreamer will find the ideal object;

Dreaming that his wife was bitten by a snake, suggesting that the dreamer may have something that makes him unhappy recently. As long as he is optimistic, he will find nothing.

Dreaming of a child being bitten by a snake reminds the dreamer to pay attention to family harmony and create a warm and happy family environment for the child. If the family is not in harmony, it will bring sorrow and misfortune;

Dreaming that his father was bitten by a snake is Xiangrui, which means that the dreamer will have good things happen;

Dreaming of her husband being bitten by a snake is a good sign, suggesting that the dreamer will get good luck;

Dreaming of seeing snakes biting others is a reminder that dreamers should take care of their parents in addition to their own careers. Children are the only reliance of parents. They often go home and look at them. Parents will be very relieved;

Women dream that their children are bitten by snakes, reminding dreamers that their children and grandchildren have their own grandchildren, and sometimes they do n’t need to worry too much about themselves, and their children will have a lot of success, so they do n’t have to worry too much;

A married woman dreaming of a snake and holding it in her arms is a sign of a noble child;

Dreaming that the enemy was bitten by a snake, implying that the dream competitor will fight each other, and the last two defeats will hurt;

Dreaming that his finger was bleeding from a snake bite, suggesting that dreamers are usually a bad omen;

A woman dreams that her finger is bleeding from a snake bite, suggesting that both the dreamer and the child may fall ill, and usually pay attention to diet and health;

The businessman dreamed that his fingers were bleeding from snake bites, reminding the dreamers to be good at thinking, think about some business strategy ideas, and don't just focus on the immediate interests in the business process;

Dream of snake chasing rush

Dreaming that he was pecked desperately by the snake, suggesting that the dreamer may be very contradictory in the near future because of something, and will be accompanied by some struggles, suppressing his emotions, which may be the conflict and pain in his heart. This conflict And pain is likely to come from the emotional choice.

Dreaming of being chased by snakes, snakes have one characteristic. Its attack method is to poison first and then devour, while those that do not poison are directly devoured. Therefore, when we feel "swallowed" by someone or something, it is easy to dream of being chased by a snake.

Dreaming that the snake is approaching itself, reminding the dreamer to pay attention to his words and deeds in daily life, and to be low-key in life, to prevent being framed by villains;

Dreaming of being chased by a snake is a health warning, suggesting that the dreamer may be in the state most vulnerable to colds. It must not be strong. If you feel a little hot, you need to see the doctor early;

Dreaming of a serpent chasing after itself, suggesting that the dreamer may have a large creditor come to collect debts, or the cost will increase in the near future;

Dreaming of giant snakes chasing themselves around high-rise buildings, suggesting that the debtor's debt relationship may be related to real estate;

Dreaming of a snake breaking through a wooden board shows that this debt disrupted the dreamer's entire financial plan.

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