The teacher's roll call is to restrict certain behaviors of the students. The teacher's name in the dream represents a kind of warning.

Dreaming of the teacher's voice calling:

Dreaming of the teacher's naming call indicates that relatives and friends in different places will have difficulties and need their own help.

Dreaming that the teacher clicks his name indicates that there will be a lack of skills and experience in the career, and failure to keep up with the rhythm will lead to career losses.

I dreamed that my friend asked me to go to school and the teacher was calling, indicating that I would develop new business and increase the source of income.

Dreaming that the teacher is naming names and calling classmates to come to class in the classroom indicates that your career will improve due to the improvement of interpersonal relationships.

To dream of teachers in other classrooms calling names indicates that you will be calculated by the villain and cause financial losses.

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