What does it mean to dream of pulling off the bird's head and skin?

In the dream, a bird was stepped on my feet, and I wanted to catch it, and to tie its feet, but when I pulled it, I pulled off its head and skin, and the flesh was blurred. I remember I threatened it: "You feed the cat when you run." (Male, 18)

Dreamland analysis: The bird here may symbolize a person. This person is like a bird in some way. Perhaps this person is your girlfriend. She is a gentle person like a bird. But this person will fly away or run away, and you are worried about all this happening, so you want to tie her feet, but accidentally hurt her.

In fact, you should understand that the consequence of treating a bird in this way is to harm the "bird", and as long as you don't "step on it", the "bird" will not want to "run away".

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