I dreamed that I was killed by my previous life when I was 34 years old! She was actually for reincarnation! In the dream, my mother was seriously ill in the hospital. There were no doctors and no nurses in the hospital! Only me and my mother! Then I I went out of the hospital and went shopping for a disturbance. When I came back, I saw a policeman and a woman. The policeman said that my mother was in an accident and asked me to go to the hospital. I didn't dare, but for the sake of my mother, I went in and went in. I died after coming out. . . As a result, the woman who was with the police was my previous life and wanted to kill me, and then my soul floated in the sky. She went to my own home and saw my future husband. He was in the toilet . I walked over. , He saw me and said, "You are going to kill me now." After saying that, I died. I looked at myself in the mirror of the toilet, and it was not myself! She was laughing, and it was terrifying.

( Dreamsmeaning Book official website ) Dream interpretation: 34 years old, this number is more personalized, it is not easy to judge the source, was killed by the previous life, she was for reincarnation, the previous life, can be understood as the image of you before birth, before the birth and the mother is one, and the mother is also It is the main template that you refer to in the process of growing up. Reincarnation can be understood as a new life, so here it means that your current image will die, and a more mature image of you will appear like a new life and replace you The original image, mother was seriously ill in the hospital, this may be related to your father's quarrel, mother was seriously ill, it means that mother's heart was hurt, and at this age, the image of herself and mother is always in her heart Interlaced, here can also be understood as your inner heart is hurt, the hospital can be understood as your inner self-healing mechanism, without doctors and nurses, this means that your treatment mechanism is not perfect, the police, refers to your heart The part responsible for moral restraint and rules and principles. This part makes judgments and tells you that it was the mother (not the father) that had the problem. The soul floated home to see her husband. The soul is a manifestation of lack of presence and feels after being denied. , What happened with your husband is a reproduction of how you feel about the relationship between you or your mother and father.

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