What does dreaming about the building mean

In my dream, I returned to my hometown for a long time, and back to the place where I grew up. I saw buildings rising from the ground on this familiar land. Although the building is not so luxurious, it is very neat and generous, giving a simple feeling. (Male, 26)

Dreamland analysis: The building in the dream is a symbol of happy life. If the building is majestic and beautiful, and it has an extraordinary momentum, it indicates that you will enjoy prosperity and wealth. If the building is ordinary, clean and generous, it means that although your life is not rich and rich, it is quiet and comfortable. If the building is a bit shabby, it means that you are still a long way from a well-off life.

Dreaming about the top of the building shows that you have a strong sense of enterprise in your heart. Dreaming about standing on the top of the high building and jumping around, suddenly opened up, indicating that the career is flourishing. Dreaming of standing on the top of the building, the roof is unstable, indicating that there will be small twists and turns on the road ahead.

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