Master, I had a very strange dream yesterday. I dreamt that I went into a luxurious toilet but it seemed to be a restaurant!! There were men and women in there, and many people could see me when I went to pee. So I turned my head, but there was a man. Bring a child to see me!! The child sang to me, and a woman watched me and told me that you were peeing. It took a lot of effort to pee but the pee was all blood! !

( Dreamsmeaning Book official website ) Dream interpretation: Luxurious toilet but it looks like a restaurant. This means that you are very satisfied with the opposite sex you associate with, or in other words, you are satisfied with the opposite sex, but you are disturbed. It prevents you from giving full play to your abilities. The image of a child is a part of yourself in your heart, a part like a child, or sometimes you feel like a child. Singing means you are like a child. This part of the sub-personality needs to be confided. This becomes a disturbing factor when you interact with the opposite sex. A woman ’s urging is also how you feel about your life with the opposite sex. Blood in your urine means that you feel very hard.

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