Master, yesterday I had a very strange dream. I dreamed that I went to a more luxurious toilet but it was like a restaurant !! There were many men and women who could see me when I went to pee. So I turned around but there was a man Take a child to look at me !! The child still sings to me, and a woman looks at me and tells me that you are peeing. It took me a lot of effort to pee but the blood is all blood! !

( Zhou Gong's official website for interpreting dreams ) Dream interpretation: Luxurious toilet but also like a restaurant, this means that you are very satisfied with the opposite sex with you, or in other words, you have been satisfied with the opposite sex, but you have some interference, Makes you unable to make good use of your abilities. The image of a child is a part of yourself in your heart, like a child, or in other words, sometimes you feel like a child. Singing means that you are childlike This part of your personality needs to talk. This has become an interference factor when you are interacting with the opposite sex. Women 's urging is also how you feel about living with the opposite sex. Hematuria means that you feel very hard.

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