According to Zhou Gong 's interpretation of dreams :

Ghost dreamed strange - bad things, is an ill omen, you will be in danger.

Dreaming of attacking ghosts-it is a good sign to avoid disaster.

Dream of running away as soon as you see a ghost—meaning the enemy will be conquered by yourself.

Dreaming of ghosts in the courtyard-sadness scattered.

Medical and psychological statements:

Spiritual phenomena in reality may not be encountered by everyone, but in dreams, almost everyone has met a ghost, so what does the ghost in dreams represent

Modern psychologists, represented by the psychoanalytic school, classify the ghosts in dreams according to their psychological and emotional status, and believe that the shape of the ghost is a form of emotional expression.

Zhou Gong Xie Meng dreamed of a female ghost in white: loneliness and lack of vitality

The female ghosts in white are characterized by: they are characterized by fluttering long hair, look very weak, and represent depression. White symbolizes purity and nobility, but when white and ghost are combined, it represents lack of strength and vitality, and paleness and weakness. White clothes symbolize the paleness after the blood dries. Here, blood is a symbol of love and emotion. When a person's love and emotion are gone, she becomes pale. Such female ghosts often appear alone in dreams and are lonely. Because an essential characteristic of depression is loneliness.

Zhou Gong Xie Meng dreamed of zombies: indifferent and numb to feelings

Zombies, look no blood, just as we often say "living dead ", in fact they have become indifferent in spirit. Such a person is numb to the entire life, completely shuts down his inner emotions, has no emotional response to the world, and is mechanical to others. Such people's emotions are extremely suppressed, and they become rigid and lose vitality due to lack of emotion and love.

Zhou Gong Xiemeng dreams about drowning ghosts: addiction cannot be extricated

Drowned ghosts represent too rich emotions, and the image features are wet.

Drowned ghosts are like we often say: neither to hit you nor scold you, torture you with emotions. Another drowning ghost expresses longing and entanglement for feelings. If a person is indulged in emotions and cannot extricate himself, then he will drown. He Minghua believes that drowning people are often very emotional people who may die for love. Such people cannot hide themselves in the emotional world.

Zhou Gong Xiemeng Dreams of Li Gui: Depressed Anger

Li Gui represents depressive anger. Over time, anger has a backlog of anger, and Li Gui appears in dreams or images, which also expresses the dreamer's rejection of anger. Li Gui often has two hawk claws, his teeth glared, his eyes glowing. People who have suffered a lot of frustration are often aggressive, and this kind of attack is not satisfied, and it is often converted in a way, that is, a ghost who dreams about.

Zhou Gong Xiemeng Dreams of Vampires: Serious Psychology of Dependence

When people dreaming of such ghosts feel that they lack emotion and love, they do not seek their own reasons, but maintain their vitality by absorbing the emotions of others. We often see some women who are extremely dependent on others emotionally, follow men all day, and keep on the phone. Vampires symbolize invisible absorption and deprive others of their emotions. We will also see that some mothers' long-term control of their children's emotions is actually an emotional exploitation of their children. Instead, mothers have a sense of dependence on their children.

Zhou Gong Xie Meng dreamed of the skeleton ghost:

"Skull ghosts are extreme manifestations of female ghosts and zombies in white. When a person's emotions are extremely lacking to a certain limit, they become skeletons," said Cai Chenrui. The skull symbolizes death. When we are particularly afraid of death, or when vitality is very weak, we may dream of skeletons.

Zhou Gong Xie Meng dreamed of a hungry ghost:

Dreaming of hungry ghosts, mostly drug addicts. Hungry ghosts are characterized by their lack of food. When people take drugs, they will have excitement and thrill that they can't usually feel, so as to paralyze themselves and escape from the state of hunger in their hearts.

Zhou Gong Xiemeng dreamed of hanging ghosts:

The image is characterized by tongue sticking out. Dreaming of a hanged ghost shows that he is afraid to face the dark things in his heart, and he is afraid to express it. The tongue expressed the desire to say. He wanted to say that in fact I was scared, I was scared, but I did not dare to say it.

Zhou Gong Xie Meng dreamed of a headless ghost:

The head of a person represents reason, the chest represents emotion, and the lower part of the chest represents desire. Headless means that reason and emotion are very isolated. Dreaming of a headless ghost shows that this person is too strong and suppresses his emotions too deeply. However, the strength of the suppression is as great as the strength of the suppressed dark side. If the power of the dark side of the heart is not vented, it will transform. In the form of dreams.

Zhou Gong Xiemeng dreamed about painting ghosts:

There is another kind of ghost that has a charming appearance, but there are a lot of shy things around the body, such as some slimy things, this kind of thing represents semen, such a ghost is unruly. It symbolizes metamorphosis, and has a problem with sexual psychology

Psychological counselor Cai Chenrui said that each of us will have an instinct and a lack of emotion. When these problems are not the dominant problem, they will not affect our lives. Only when it rises to a higher level is it possible to develop a mental illness, such as depression. Through scientific understanding of the objective psychology of dream ghosts to understand the dark side of one's heart, to achieve a full self-knowledge. Make your inner state more natural and healthier. We should be kind to ghosts. To be kind is to be kind to ourselves.

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