What does it mean to dream about rising prices?

At the beginning of the dream, I was quite happy, because the salary was paid, and it was more than 1,000 yuan more than last month. However, I won’t have that Coke anymore. I went shopping, and everything went up in price, and the price went up by a factor of two, so that I would really drink Northwestern in the second half of the month, so I had to work hard to save. As you can imagine! (Male, 31 years old))

Dream analysis: This dream implies the harshness of reality. In terms of economy, there may be upsets, damages, and disasters. This dream warns you not to be too eager for quick success and quick gains, to treat juniors or subordinates not to be harsh, and not to "fake tigers and prestige" for positions beyond your strength. Introspect whether you are not filial to your parents. Caring more for the elderly so that they don’t feel lonely, they have to pay both mentally and materially, and the gratitude of repaying others is indispensable.

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