What does it mean to dream of deliberately using your lateness to torture your lover

Zhou Gong's interpretation of dreams : Being late is a very bad behavior, especially for those who are scheduled to meet, but one party is late, and the waiting party is very painful. Therefore, when it comes to doing it, it is best not to be late, and do not develop the habit of being late. In the dream, he deliberately used to be late to torture his lover, which shows that the dreamer has a problem and needs to be corrected.

Dreaming that I deliberately used to be late and did n’t have any idea of ​​time to torture my lover, reflecting a dreamer ’s psychology that I always think that my time is more valuable than him, in fact I want to occupy more private space, even for two people The world wants to capture the sense of space of others, because that will allow her to gain a sense of glory, authority, and respect when experiencing the anxiety of others.

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