What does it mean to dream of a house leak in the rain?

It seems that the rain has been raining for several days in my dreams. Maybe I'm really unlucky. The ancients described the unlucky "house leak to be rainy", but I was really hit and got wet. (Male, 33 years old)

Dream analysis: Water symbolizes the coming of good things, especially in terms of money or material. But everything must be done in moderation, and too much is bad. When you dream about the house leak and the rain, it is mostly a symbol of anxiety, so while you are gaining benefits, it is best to think about people who are physically capable, and you should also take care of them, because Bi Jing will get At the same time as success, there is no lack of other people's efforts and contributions.

In reality, it may not happen to you that the house leaks in the rain, but it is better to share the pain with others. As the saying goes, "whoever gets the Tao helps more, but who doesn't get the help".

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