Death blessing

Death is a peaceful, stable state, a very auspicious sign.

Zhougong Xiemeng dreamed that his property would be more and more, which is a good sign of everything going smoothly. If it was a dreaming friend who died, it would also mean that you would have good luck.

Don't be afraid, whether you dream of yourself dying in a dream or the people around you will be in danger. It just means that you have to make a late decision, and that decision will take you out of trouble. In love, the troubles of love that have always troubled you are finally over. But this does not mean that loneliness is about to come, but there is a new period of love that intoxicates you.

Have you ever experienced death in your dreams? If you dream that you are going to die, do you know what the reason is? Generally speaking, there are several kinds of dreams that dream of dying:

A. Death from cancer.

B. Scammed by criminals.

C. Jumping to commit suicide.

D. Death in sleep.

Dreamed he was dead should experience a lot of people dream of. People who dream this way usually have abnormal panic and anxiety about death. This is the normal human response to death. Who is not afraid of death? However, although it is all death, there are thousands of ways to die. Different ways of death have different meanings, which is different for everyone. Don't be nervous when you dream about your death. It may be that a relative or friend has recently died, or you have watched a video or movie about death, and you have some reaction to death. These reactions vary from person to person, and behind your responses you can usually see your outlook on death.

[A] The person who dreamed that he died of cancer may have witnessed the death of relatives and friends from cancer. These impressions remain deeply in your subconscious and will affect you in the long run. And if you are not very confident in your physical health, you are always suspicious, and this kind of dream is easy to appear. In theory, this is just your panic response to cancer, and it should not be a signal that you have cancer. If you are not assured, you can do an inspection.

[B] It is a terrible method of death to be conspired to die. People who can dream of this kind of death may have a hidden guilt hidden in their subconscious mind. Maybe you have done something a little too much and have been in your heart. There will be such a terrible end. However, it is also possible that you are insecure about life and your nervousness makes it easy to imagine such tragedies of social news.

[C] A person who dreams of suicide is likely to suffer a lot of pressure from life in the real world. There is no chance and courage to want to commit suicide, so suicide will be used to reduce the pressure. Another possibility is that you are very unsatisfactory in real life, no one is related to you, and you are left out everywhere, so you will dream of suicide to attract everyone's attention. This is your wish. Another possibility is that you are in a state of falling in love. At this moment, your will is depressed, and you feel the meaninglessness of life, and you want to escape the reality, but it is impossible, you have to let the depressed consciousness vent in the dream.

Basically, in your dreams, you feel that suicide can benefit you a lot.

[D] A person who dreams of dying in his sleep must be a person who is afraid of death in the subconscious. He has always been afraid of death in the subconscious. The dreamers are mostly elderly people.

You have always rejected death, and you ca n’t accept the reality that you will die, so this incident has always made you anxious, so that you will comfort yourself in dreams, and make your subconscious desire for this comfortable death. Law to escape the threat of death. Actually, you do n’t want to go to sleep, but just use this method to reduce your stress so that you can live without trouble

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