Death Fu Shou Quan

Death is a state of peace and stability, and a very auspicious sign.

Dreamsmeaning Book dreaming that you are dead means that your wealth will be more and more. It is a good omen for everything to go well. If you dream of the death of a friend who is still alive, it also means that you will have good fortune.

Don't be afraid, whether you dream of dying in your dream or the lives of people around you are in danger. It just means that you have to make a decision that has not been made, and this decision will take you out of the predicament. In terms of love, the love troubles that have always plagued you are finally over. But this does not mean that loneliness is coming, but that there is a new love that makes you intoxicated.

Have you ever experienced death in a dream? If you dream that you are about to die, do you know the reason? Generally speaking, there are the following types of dreams when you dream of your death:

A. Death from cancer.

B. Be murdered by the gangster.

C. Suicide by jumping off the building.

D. Death in sleep.

Dreamed he was dead should experience a lot of people dream of. Usually people who have this kind of dream have abnormal panic and anxiety about death. This is the normal response of human beings to death. Who can not be afraid of death? However, although all are death, there are thousands of ways to die. Different methods of death have different meanings, which are different for everyone. Don't be nervous when you dream of your death. It may be that your relatives and friends have died recently, or you have watched a video or movie about death, and you have some reaction to death in your heart. These reactions vary from person to person, and behind the reaction, you can usually see your view of death.

[A] People who dream of dying from cancer may have witnessed the death of relatives and friends from cancer. These impressions remain deeply in your subconscious and will affect you for a long time. Also, if you are not very confident about your health, and you are suspicious, it is easy to have this kind of dream. In theory, this is just your panic response to cancer, and it should not imply that you also have cancer. If you are not at ease, you can go for a checkup.

[B] It is a tragic way to die by a criminal. People who dream of this way of death are likely to hide an unknown sense of guilt in their subconsciousness. Maybe you have done something a little too much, and kept it in your heart forever. So, in the dream There will be such an unpleasant end. However, it is also possible that you are insecure about life, and coupled with your neuroticism, it is easy to imagine this kind of social news tragedy.

[C] People who dream of suicide are likely to be under great pressure in life in the real world. Do they have the opportunity and courage to commit suicide, so they will use suicide to reduce stress in their dreams. Another possibility is that you are very unsatisfactory in real life. No one cares about you and is left out in the cold, so you will dream of suicide to attract everyone's attention. This is your wish. Another possibility is that you are in a state of broken love. At this moment, your will is depressed, and you feel the meaninglessness of life, and you want to escape from reality, but it is impossible, so you have to vent your suppressed consciousness in your dream.

Fundamentally speaking, in your dreams, you will feel that suicide can bring you many benefits.

[D] People who dream of dying in their sleep must be people who are very afraid of death in the subconscious, and have been afraid of death in the subconscious, so they will dream of this comfortable way of death. Most people who have such dreams are elderly people.

You have always been very repulsive of death, and you can't accept the reality that you will die. Therefore, this incident has always made you anxious, so that you will comfort yourself in your dreams, and make your subconscious longing for such a comfortable death. Law to escape the threat of death. Actually, you don’t want to sleep to death, just use this method to relieve your stress so that you can live without worry.

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