To many people, teeth mostly represent whether the facade is beautiful, but its actual function is often overlooked. If you really lack teeth, the biggest problem will not be that you are embarrassed to open your mouth, but that you may be incomprehensible (because the pronunciation is inaccurate), and it is inconvenient to eat. Worse still affects chewing and digestion.

1. It is purely a symbol of the tooth itself.

A major source of dreams is physiological stimulation, so the meaning of some dreams is a direct response to the physiological situation,

For example, many people may have dreamed of finding a toilet in a dream, and most of them went straight to the bathroom for convenience after waking up. In fact, this is a dream caused by bladder swelling. Therefore, dreaming of tooth loss may also be caused purely by physiological factors, such as worm teeth or tooth lesions.

2. It symbolizes psychological regression or growth.

The growth of teeth is directly proportional to a person's age, so light can also be seen from a tooth's physiological maturity. And if a man he dreamed of teeth out , that he could return psychologically age no teeth, no doubt this is the recession, is a symbol of a person in the face of things, with the child to the child's way response. Of course, in addition to losing teeth , it also means losing deciduous teeth. The retrogression in front of it has the opposite meaning, which is a symbol of psychological growth.

3. The original strong belief may be shaken.

Tooth is the strongest thing in our body, so it is also a symbol of solidity. And to us, what is psychologically related to solidity? The answer is, for example, beliefs, traditions, values, world views, etc. So dreaming of tooth loss also symbolizes that our original belief system may be shaken.

Another word: dreaming about counting your teeth means that you will encounter insurmountable difficulties and suffer insults from others. And if you count the teeth of others, it means that it will make the enemy more difficult and you will definitely defeat the enemy. Dreaming of tooth loss, difficulties will leave you to go to other places, that is, to pass on your own difficulties to others, it will definitely cause dissatisfaction, conflict and quarrel.

If you dream that your teeth are missing, this is actually a very good hint, and it indicates that your life will have a great turn for the better. Why does such a dream mean a change? In fact, it is very simple. Tooth falling represents the loss of human milk teeth. In real life, it represents a change from childhood to adulthood. Therefore, this dream conveys the message of growth and maturity, which also means that you will take more responsibility.

Dreaming of tooth extraction , Zhou Gong interpreted his dream to buy a house and land soon.

Women dream of tooth extraction , life will be rich.

Businessmen dream of tooth extraction and can make a profitable business.

The peasants dreamed of tooth extraction and a bumper harvest was in sight.

Dream of a toothache and get rich.

Dreaming of brushing your teeth can be troublesome for your health. The disease that has already been cured may cause you to relapse and upset you. At this time, it is best to take sufficient rest to completely cure the disease. At the same time, we must pay attention to regular life.

Dreaming of swallowing your teeth is a big evil and you will suffer a serious illness.

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