A woman dreams that she learns to make clothes, indicating that she may run into trouble when going out.

Company employees dreamed of learning to make clothes, saying that their money would be affected.

Businessmen dream of learning to make clothes, which indicates that their career will be severely defeated, but summing up experience and making plans step by step, they will gradually succeed.

Men dream that they learn to make clothes and need to pay attention to their relationships.

The dream of new clothes is a sign of good fortune. But if you are sewing black clothes, sad things will happen to your close relatives.

The dream of cutting fabric means that marriage will break and divorce.

The dream of buying cloth in the stock market and holding it in your hand indicates that buying stocks will benefit.

The dream of cutting cloth with scissors is a precursor to a stock price drop. Buy short stocks as soon as possible.

Men dreaming of sewing clothes means that dreamers will work quickly.

Married woman dreams of sewing clothes and will become a virtuous helper.

Unmarried women dream of sewing clothes and will marry promising youth.

Men dream of sewing old clothes, and their days will be rich.

A woman dreams of sewing old clothes, and her husband's income will decrease.

The tailor dreamed of making a lot of money.

Dreaming of sewing clothes to make money, business can make a lot of money.

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