What does it mean to dream of famous mountains and rivers?

I personally think that traveling can broaden people's horizons and cultivate their temperament, so my biggest hobby is traveling. I once dreamed that I was traveling in a small plane. Famous mountains and rivers passed by my feet, and the magnificent mountains and rivers made me excited. (Male, 30 years old)

Dream analysis: The famous mountains and rivers in the dream represent achievements and talents. The dream of famous mountains and great rivers is a manifestation of the lofty ambitions in your heart. Famous mountains and rivers appear in the dreams of men, indicating that you are a person with a broad vision and can accomplish a career. The appearance of famous mountains and rivers in women's dreams indicates that you are a magnanimous person and can become a hero in women's middle school.

If you dream of national customs, it represents emotion and travel. Dreaming of a famous cultural city represents emotion and profession. Dreaming of frontier fortress scenery is a symbol of travel.

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