What does dreaming about famous mountains and rivers mean

I personally think that travel can broaden people's horizons and cultivate their temperament, so my biggest hobby is travel. I once dreamed that I was traveling in a small plane. The famous mountains and rivers pass under my feet, and the magnificent mountains and rivers excite me. (Male, 30 years old)

Dreamland analysis: The famous mountains and rivers in dreams represent achievements and talents. The dream of the famous mountains and rivers is an embodiment of your ambitions. Famous mountains and big rivers appear in men's dreams, indicating that you are a person with a broad vision and can accomplish a career. The appearance of famous mountains and rivers in women's dreams indicates that you are an open-minded person and can become a female hero.

If you dream about national customs, it means emotion and travel. Dreaming of a cultural city represents emotion and career. Dreaming about the frontier scenery is a symbol of travel.

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