What does dreaming about metal mean

Because it is engaged in the building materials industry, we have to deal with steel bars and cement all day. Once in a dream, I dreamed that I was buying metal products. I bought many security doors and metal windows. I think these products are of good quality and workmanship. (Male, 35 years old)

Dream Analysis: The metal in the dream is a symbol of wealth and achievement. Dreaming that you are buying metal is a sign of your fortune. Dreaming that you are selling metal means that you have to overcome difficulties to achieve success. Dreaming about the use of metal shows that your efforts will be well rewarded.

Dreaming of alloys means happy love and marriage.

Dreaming of steel symbolizes eternal friendship and love.

Dreaming of iron suggests that setbacks may be encountered, so be careful.

Dreaming about brass suggests that you should be cautious and discerning right and wrong when dealing with people you know the most.

Dreaming of bronze foreshadowed an unexpected wealth.

Dreaming of copper means meeting friends who can really help.

Dreaming about aluminum means good luck and prosperity. But if aluminum is dull, it could mean unexpected setbacks.

Dreaming of lead indicates that things have not gone well in the recent period, especially in terms of personal feelings.

Dream water silver, it is a less auspicious dream, often associated with illness or bad things about.

Dreaming of nickel is a symbol of loss and pain.

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