What does it mean to dream of raining girlfriend wanting to go home

Dreamsmeaning Book : The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is an eternal topic. When my mother and his wife are in conflict, it is the most uncomfortable for a man to be caught in the middle. It is not to help either side, nor is it not to help. In my dream, mygirlfriend was at my house. It was raining . My girlfriend wanted to go home, but my mother didn't send her off. This shows that the dreamer may have encountered such a thing in her life, which caused me a headache.

Dreaming that my girlfriend is at my home, it’s raining, my girlfriend wants to go home, but my mother doesn’t send her off, suggesting that the dreamer may have encountered some difficulties in handling the relationship between mother and girlfriend, and encountered some problems. Difficulties need to be resolved by themselves. It mainly reflects your mother's attitude towards your girlfriend. In fact, it can be seen from certain details that your mother does not like your girlfriend very much. Perhaps it has been revealed, or it may have been seen by you. And you have not found a good way to deal with this problem. There is something tangled in myself. As a man, he must have the courage to take on this responsibility and handle things well. See if you really like a person in your own heart. If you like a person, you must work hard to coordinate and do your job well.

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