What do men often dream about being hurt by women

Zhou Gong's interpretation of dreams : After breaking up, it is inevitable that one party will be hurt, or both parties will be hurt. Maybe after breaking up, I will still remember the TA from time to time. I love TA so much. Injury means that the dreamer is a person who is very afraid of being hurt, perhaps because he has been hurt before.

Men often dream of being hurt by women, indicating that the man was deeply impressed by the past, maybe because of a failed love, or maybe just because of a mischief, but he got an impressive abuse or humiliation by the woman. Make its origin full of deep fear for women, and even reached a state of resentment. In fact, the injury in the dream reflects the psychological "fear of harm" in reality. Other men look at sexy women with warm eyes, and he may look at sexy women only with cold afterglow.

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