Dreaming of chasing in the dream, when you are chased, you want to hide, but you will be found no matter where you hide, no matter how tightly you close the door, it is useless. Wherever you go, the chasers are a few steps behind you. Or, as the dream dream dog of a woman the same: her hard dog with a stick, but not kill the dog.

At this time, the person or animal chasing you is a part of yourself, your conscience or your values, or your own memories, worries, and pain. Because the chaser is actually in your own mind, of course you can't hide so that he can't find you, because you can't deceive yourself.

By the way, do we have to obey the inner conscience? Not at all, because for most people, the so-called conscience is only the influence of the education and family in childhood, and it may not be correct.

For example, a person in the old age may think that remarrying a widow is very shameful, immoral, and contrary to conscience, and this conscience is nothing more than Japanese morality. Through dreams, we can know what is "catching up" with us in our hearts, and then we can specifically analyze how we should do it. Is it to obey the chaser, to defeat it or to persuade it. Because instinct is an impulse that does not consider social norms, ethics and morals, it often manifests as sexual impulses and aggressive impulses, so it inevitably conflicts with one's self.

Analysis of dreams : The outcome of being chased by dreams often symbolizes the dreamer's strategy to resolve this conflict. Generally speaking, the dream of being forced to rush has several endings:

(1) The chased person (often the dreamer himself) is bitten or killed.

(2) Those who are forced to pretend to be dead or hide, avoid the sight of wild beasts or bad guys.

(3) The chased person fights head-on with wild beasts or bad guys.

Dreaming of being chased ending (1)

It symbolizes that the dreamer usually represses his instinct too much, and when the repression reaches a certain level, he begins to encounter strong instinct resistance or revenge. The more ferocious the chaser in the dream, the greater the intensity of the dreamer's instinct repression.

Dreaming of being chased ending (2)

Symbolic dreamers often use self-deception in their daily lives. Turn a blind eye to release some instinctive impulses. That is to add some reasonable disguise to the instinct, so that the self does not feel anxious. Such dreamers are generally weak in character.

Dreaming of being chased ending (3)

It symbolizes that the dreamer continues to suppress his instincts in daily life. Or the dreamer's repression of his instincts has lasted for years, and the dreamer himself has become a rational machine.

The strategies represented by the above three endings are not the correct attitude towards instinct. The correct attitude towards instinct should be like Dayu's control of water. It is naturally undesirable to allow it to overflow, but blindly suppressing instinct will inevitably lead to future troubles, and "draining" is relatively preferable. Shaking hands and making peace with the beast or bad guy in the dream is a kind of guidance.

If the instinct is channeled, it is a continuous flow of vitality, vitality, if it is suppressed, blocked and eventually overflowed, it will become destructive. If you are overly depressed, your vitality and vitality will be exhausted. In addition, it is also harmful to release some by self-deception like in the ending (2), because if so, people's perception of the environment will be distorted, and people are actually living with half-closed eyes.

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