Dreaming of being chased by someone along the way , it means that you have encountered big troubles in your work. If someone escapes on the road, it is fortunate that someone will help you to pass the safety. If you dream of being chased and killed, Now, there are symbols that indicate your fortune / fortune. But if it keeps chasing you until you are weak, and then you wake up, it means that your trouble is not easy to solve.

Dreaming that you are fighting with those who are hunting down, it means that the feelings or contradictions of the dreamer are entangled with each other;

Dream about being chased killed, wanted to run away but always run faster, then jumped up, like homeopathy fly to heaven, he was behind the man grabbed the ankle, was terrified of his own, suggesting that the dreamer attempts to use fantasy (fly overhead Way) to escape reality, but reality caught the ankle;

Dreaming of fighting with the army may mean that the dreamer has troubles in work, life, and emotions, stress, mental anxiety, lack of inner security, and some fear and escape from problems in real life.

Dreaming that he ran away   with a child , and was later rescued by two people, indicating that no matter what the dreamer does, when there is difficulty, he will turn around;

Dreaming of being chased and killed by many people, but not killed, means that the dreamer may have difficulty, but the dreamer will be able to spend it in peace, and there will be blessings if he does not die;

Dreaming of being hunted down means that the dreamer wants to erase his past history of disgrace. Many people have dual personalities. The dreamer is trying to change the shortcomings of his bad impression. It is the hope that he can change his face. the meaning of;

The person who dreamed of killing himself was a powerful or powerful Kong Wu person, implying that the dreamer wanted to make himself stronger than before.

Dreaming of being hunted down by an acquaintance:

Dreaming of being hunted down by an acquaintance implies that the dreamer may be in a state of interpersonal relationship, it may be that the dreamer and the person who chased himself have always had quarrels or disagreements, or it may be that someone is competing with themselves for money;

Dreaming that someone was chasing and killing his elementary school classmates, indicating that his childhood and past self had been changed by time, and this feeling and memories would also be destroyed;

Dreaming of being hunted down by relatives suggests that the dreamer may be fighting for property.

Dreaming of being chased by animals:

Dreaming of being chased by animals, dreams are a manifestation of human subconsciousness, but also a combination of many fragmented subconsciousness. If the dreamer's subconscious memory has been chased by animals and other situations, these situations often come from past experiences or media or imagination , And in reality there may be no memory, but dreams will string them together, this dream may indicate that the dreamer is afraid of a certain animal deep in his heart;

Dreaming of being chased by an animal means that the dreamer has been overstretched recently, and chasing himself is a problem that he does not want to face, an inner desire, or accumulated bad emotions, tension, inner fear, conscience or his own values, or It is a symbol of one's own memories, anxiety and pain, or a hint that the dreamer had a shadow in his heart because of something, but he can't get rid of it until now;

Dreaming of being chased by a cute little animal, suggesting that the dreamer may have caused guilt because of hurting the small animal, reminding the dreamer that the animal is also life and should care for the animal;

Dreaming of being chased by ferocious animals, suggesting that the dreamer may be afraid of revenge from the enemy, and sometimes he may worry about himself;

Dreaming of being chased by animals, using weapons to fight back, but he couldn't fight, implying that when facing great pressure and danger, the method used by the dreamer could not correctly solve the problem, crisis, pressure, etc.

Dreaming of being turned into a phoenix and being chased by others means that the dreamer may encounter difficulties, but there will be noble people to help him through the difficulties, and it also implies that the dreamer should pay attention to his own safety in the coming days. There may be unexpected surprises or danger;

Dreaming of being chased by a red dragon, red symbolizes the dreamer ’s emotional fluctuations, and the dragon symbolizes a right. The suppression of this right has a certain impact on himself. It can be seen that the dreamer is troubled by something. , May appear to escape the heart.

Dreamed of being hunted down by a ghost :

Dreaming of being attacked by demons, life-threatening things will happen;

Dreaming that the monster is chasing itself, suggesting that the dreamer will have troubles;

Dreaming that he was killed by a monster, it means that he will be sick or obstructed by the vandal, and can not proceed smoothly;

Dreaming of being chased by a monster, I chose to face the monster directly, and died by being broken by the monster's neck, but there was no pain, which means that the dreamer has pressure, not desperately running away but waiting for his arrival, which means that the dreamer did not escape I face it directly, but I do n’t have enough ability to completely control the development of the matter, and I was tortured by the monster to sever his neck and die without pain, which means that although things are not as expected, they are over. These facts It means that the dreamer may have conflicts with close friends recently, but instead of making a big noise, he feels that many things are ridiculous. Eventually things will pass, but there is still a gap.

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