What does it mean to conceive non-destructive whole-player games in dreams?

Zhou Gong's dreams : There are many whole-person games in life, and some are very interesting. Dreams often conceive non-harmful whole-player games, saying that dreamers are very humorous and can make every day happy, and she is the flavoring agent of life.

Women often dream of harmless whole-person games in their dreams, reflecting the optimistic nature of the dreamer. This woman is born to be a flavoring agent of life. With her, she laughs continuously throughout the circle. Exist, she will often wake up in her dreams. Watching such a woman grumble her lips in a grievance, and then smiled again and again, even if she was tidy, that would be very happy. If in reality, a man who can marry such a woman is really blessed, because the family will be full of humor and happiness.

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