Dreaming that there are many ripe apples in the basket or juicy apples on the table, the lottery will win, or find underground wealth. At the same time, it is possible that his reputation will rise and the official transportation will prosper.

The dream of a childless woman is a good sign, and she will soon conceive .

Dreaming of eating a red apple , my wish will come.

The patient dreamed of eating apples and was able to survive the dangerous period safely.

Businessmen dream of picking apples, which means a bumper harvest, and business will be smooth and profitable.

Dreaming of an unripe or rotten apple, the dreamer's economy will be damaged, or he will get sick or have trouble at home.

It is not difficult to see that dreaming of fresh apples is basically an auspicious meaning, helping everyone to get through the difficult care and success, Zhou Gong explained that if the apple rots, trouble will occur. The interpretation of dream stories is limited, but sometimes dreamers can analyze their dreams according to the leading direction of allegory.

Dreaming of someone sending an apple, the relationship will be harmonious.

The patient dreamed that someone would send an apple, and his body would soon recover.

Dream of picking apples , good luck, good luck.

Dreaming of picking green apples will suffer losses.

Dreaming of picking a ripe apple, you will unexpectedly get wealth or a smooth career.

Dreaming of eating apples indicates that love will be sweet.

Lovers dream of eating apples, indicating that the relationship will be harmonious.

Dreaming of the red apple heralded a smooth life and career.

Businessmen dream of red apples, indicating that the career will be smooth.

Women dream of red apples, heralding family happiness and wealth.

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