At 1:30 in the morning, I dreamed that I was on the second floor. I saw the stairs very steep. Suddenly a female beggar came (very scary). Q: Did you buy clothes ? My father said: No. You are old. Then the beggar went down the stairs. Hanging on the first floor. I picked up a fan or something when I saw it. I threw it at her. She hid. She hurried to the middle of the stairs. She looked at me fiercely and said: The two people in front of me bought You sell. I sell things and you don't buy .. fiercely .. Then I wake up. What's going on here ..... terrible

Dream interpretation:

Dreaming of a female beggar symbolizes alms and help. Sometimes it also symbolizes your inferiority complex, or reminds you to be humble. Old clothes herald a sharp drop in money.

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