What does it mean to dream of traveling and losing

In my dream, I went out to play with my family. Suddenly everyone was lost, and the surrounding environment became a library. First of all, I will find my sister. I borrowed paper and pens from the administrator, and planned to draw my sister's portrait for others to see, but I couldn't think of what my sister looked like. When I was thinking hard, my father's voice suddenly came from behind: "Hey, what are you doing here?"

"Ah! Dad!" After reassuring, the whole person collapsed. (Female, 15 years old)

Dream analysis: Losing with your family symbolizes that you are emotionally opposed to your family. In reality, you may treat your sister as a rival in love. For girls, the role of father is the girl's first target of the opposite sex. "I feel at ease 7 when I see my father", which shows that in reality, the sisters are struggling to get the father's favor, and finally they are relieved by their own father. This means dependence and love for the father. This is all due to the competing Electra complex.

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