Q: What does it mean to have a Caesarean section if you are unmarried and dreaming of pregnancy ?

I am 24 years old, female, unmarried

I dreamed that I was pregnant , or had a cesarean section, and gave birth to a girl, and then brought the child, the whole family is very baby, it seems like such a child , and then I do not know what child fed allergies, crying, and hurried to send the child to the The hospital, then the scar on my belly was cesarean. It will be very confusing afterwards, and the whole will be panic, and then I do n’t remember

I broke up with my boyfriend recently because he likes others, but the parents and the whole family strongly disagree. Because we are getting married , we are in a bad mood recently and often dream

( Zhou Gong's official website for dream interpretation) Dream interpretation:

Pregnancy, the feelings of the original birth

That child represents your love with your boyfriend

People around this relationship are optimistic and supportive

Children with allergies, meaning emotional problems

Make you feel helpless and sad

A cesarean scar has cracked, indicating that it is not just your relationship that is causing you, but you are also hurt

The whole thing is messy. Reflecting the chaos in your heart, the whole life is also in chaos

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