What does it mean to dream that everything is upside down

In my dream, I went to my friend Miss 4’s house to play. After I entered her room, strange things happened and the direction in the room was completely reversed. The ceiling became below, but my friend turned her body upside down. Miss 4's mother was also in an upside down posture, and she didn't seem to see me at all, as if I had become an invisible person. (Female, 14 years old)

Dream analysis: This kind of strange dream that suddenly becomes a transparent person symbolizes the loss of your inherent status in the hearts of friends. There may be some kind of estrangement between you, which deeply affects your mood, and the projection appears in the dream. On the contrary, the world that cannot coexist in the dream means that Miss Eight may undergo a reversal change in life, and the relationship between you and you will become a stranger. In other words, you two are already in a completely different world.

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