I passed a remote place in my dream, with a dilapidated public toilet next to it . Suddenly a man yelled and shouted in the toilet, "It doesn't make people shit anymore!"

Because of curiosity and urgency. I went into that toilet. A few of them were wearing costumes for singing Peking opera (in other words, they were in ancient costumes, how did they look like modern people). It might be because the weather is cold and you have to wait in line. A dear turned out to have a bonfire in the toilet. I smiled at him. Show care. I looked at this toilet while cooking with that dear. There is a lot of space, but there are only three squatting positions. I don't know when, a strange woman leaned against the wall , about 3 to 4 years older than me. I rushed to her and said, "This is a men's room, yeah ..." She stood and leaned indifferently. When I approached her, she raised me about half a head. When we looked at each other, her body trembled. Suddenly I took my hand to the place between her legs. I just wanted to retract my hand and I was kissed by her. My hand kept digging under her ... groaning after a while. I don't feel right. Take your hand out and look at it. I shouted at her, "Abnormal, shit on my hands ..." She smiled and pointed at the faucet next to her. I put my hand under the faucet and drove it open. No, shit comes out of the tap. (The thinner kind) I wiped my hands with fresh shit. Although the shit on the hand was wiped off. But he made himself shit all over his body.

At this time I realized that only me and her were in the toilet, and everyone else was gone. She didn't know when she was lying on the ground and whistling. I called her, "I'm up, I'm leaving." I called many times. She couldn't wake up no matter how she pushed her. There was no way, I picked her up and went out of the toilet. I found out that it turned out to be on the roof of the company. Suddenly I now must be dreaming. Because I remembered that I had gone home for Chinese New Year, and it was impossible to be here. I walked down the stairs holding her sleeping. As I went downstairs, I kept telling myself, hold on, don't wake up. (Because I also want to know how the dream will develop)

But I didn't wait for me to step down a few steps. She was gradually blurred in my hand and was about to disappear. She disappeared. My body slowly warmed up. Gradually blurred from the feet, disappeared little by little. When it disappears to the chin, the head is very hot. "Buzz" and woke up.

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