What does it mean to dream of death prophecy

A superstitious saying "birds on forehead and grass on eyebrows" is a sign that a person is about to die. In my dream, I suddenly heard two old people talking: "There was a bird on the girl’s forehead just now, alas!" Then I ran into a group of former high school classmates, one of whom was my deskmate, and he saw me laughing at me all the time. , And said: "You're done, there is a grass on the brow." (Female, 16 years old)

Dream analysis: From the signs of death in the dream, you can see that you are reaching maturity psychologically. The "death omen" here actually symbolizes that the character component of "excessive attachment" in the personality is being weakened. "Same table" is a symbol of "time", that is, adolescence; "old man" symbolizes experience or subjective judgment, which means that you are no longer a "little girl" no matter subjectively or objectively.

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