Dream of committing suicide by cutting your wrists

I dreamed of suicide by cutting my wrist last night. At that time, I felt that I didn’t want to commit suicide. I just tried it. I didn’t know why the blood was bleeding. But I didn’t feel it. I was at my boyfriend’s house. When the blood was flowing again, I took the water pipe to my wrist. After a while, an old lady who didn't know heard my cry for help and came over, but she didn't know what to do... I was afraid of it too late, only wishing I was dreaming, and then I didn't know.

Dream interpretation : First of all, in the Dreamsmeaning Book , dreaming of suicide indicates good health. When a woman dreams of suicide, her husband will be rich. Dreaming of cutting your wrists is a good sign, and your body will be very healthy. Dreaming of cutting your wrist and seeing blood means that you will have fortune.

Then, according to your dreams, your recent fortunes are very good, congratulations! And your good fortune will not be destroyed by external factors, and combined with your dreams, it is not only good fortune, especially good fortune. Enjoy the good mood that your good fortune brings to you.

Finally, I wish you a happy life, and a good mood will always be with you.

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