What does it mean to always dream of bullying and bullying a pet

Dreamsmeaning Book : Nowadays, incidents of cat and dog abuse in society happen frequently, and have been criticized and reviled by many people. The bullying and bullying of the pet in the dream shows that the dreamer is a wicked person and is inferior to the outside.

A man dreams of humiliating pets and bullying pets, get rid of humiliating others, and always have pet dreams that are offensive to others. Everyone in the world loves pets, whether it is true or not, it depends on how he perceives the nature of pets in his heart, rather than on the appearance of hair combing, clothing decoration, and noble food. Pets are very active and use heavy objects to suppress them. Pets live in groups but are few. Pets have sexual needs and castrate them. Who is the villain. Don't just look at the surface, because most people are inferior to his pets in his eyes.

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