I dreamed of washing my hair in the classroom . The dream was wet everywhere, so there were a lot of that kind of bugs , there were all inside the towel. I threw a scorpion and another unknown bug from the towel and lifted it up. Left foot, the scorpion on the ground jumped up and stung my left foot. Lifting my right foot, another bug jumped up and stung my right foot. Going home with a towel soaked in bugs, the road was full of rain and it was very dirty. There was a swallow on the road with a big mouth open, thinking it was about to die. Looking at its mouth, it turned out that there was no one in its stomach. Hairy little swallow. At this time, the neighbor's grandfather came over with a bowl of dumplings. He bit off a piece of dumpling skin and gave it to the swallow. The big swallow came over to feed the little swallow in his stomach. I begged the neighbor to feed him some more, but I felt it was wrong, so I took the swallow home. There were many people in front of my house. I ignored them. I went straight in. The yard was full of water, very muddy, and there were several others. Chicken. I put the swallow on the ground and shouted to my brother "xxx, come and see", but my brother didn't come out. At this moment, I started feeding the swallow (I don't know where I got the food), and then I woke up. Please master the dream, thank you!

Master dream interpretation:

A young woman dreamed that she was bitten, indicating that she would feel sad and regretful because of her gullibility towards men.

To dream of any insect biting you is a sign of evil and misfortune.

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