What does it mean to dream of enemy invasion

Invaded by the enemy in my dream, I fled to the river. There is a wooden raft in the river with a straw shed on it, which seems to be a temporary residence for people on the water. I lurked under the wooden raft and leaned over to see the shed. No one in the shed seemed to be able to go in, but I didn't go in. (Male, 20 years old)

Analysis of dreams: There are four main dreams in this dream: enemies, river, row, and thatched shed. The wooden raft on the river is equivalent to a small environment. Thatched shed is a symbol of the house, which represents the family at this time. Mu Pai here also takes family care. The river here represents a turbulent and unstable life. The enemy symbolizes danger.

This dream indicates that you may be considering whether to fall in love with a girl, but you think that your future is still uncertain and unstable, and you are not satisfied with this girl at the same time, so you decide to drift down the river. The river separates the land, so it is again a symbol of obstacles and boundaries.

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