Dreams can sometimes reflect a person's recent state of mind, and can also foretell situations such as fortune. The mysteries are worth studying slowly. Today, Professor Pan will briefly introduce some knowledge about this, for example, some ominous ones. Dreams, dreams suggesting bad luck are for your reference only.

Can't walk in a dream

I dreamed that I wanted to go forward, but I was in the same position anyway. Such a dream indicates that you may have anxiety, tension and other emotions in your recent life or work, and you need to adjust your state.

Dream of falling

If you dream that you accidentally fell, but you ca n’t stand up hard enough, this may also indicate an ominous sign, and you need to pay attention to your physical health.

Dreaming of someone being at odds with you

Dreaming that others are talking about you or that you are arguing with others is powerful, indicating that you may be unsuccessful at work, and even be defeated by competitors. It is easy to lose many good opportunities in the near future, which makes you very upset.

Dream of broken windows and doors at home

Dreaming of a broken room, such as cracked doors, windows, walls, etc. If the house is broken, it indicates that you should be careful of accidents. This may indicate that you are prone to problems on certain issues, and you should pay attention to safety when doing things or going out. ( Zhou Gong's official website for interpreting dreams )

Dreaming of shoes falling off

If you dream shoe child is broken or damaged, indicating that there will be bad things happen, may cause injury themselves or their families, should pay more attention.

Dream of arguing with best friend

Dreaming that you are staring at or arguing with your good friends indicates that there are problems in your relationships, and it is possible that your most trusted good friends will betray you.

Dreaming you broke something

This dream foreshadows that you may have conflicts with others, or there may be quarrels in your family, so you have to control your emotions a little bit lately, otherwise it is easy to affect the relationship with friends and family.

Dream of drinking and fighting

Dreaming of fighting with others when you are drunk, such dreams indicate that you may have illness or multiple tongues, physical discomfort, or a precursor to illness. You should pay more attention to it.

Dreaming of dirty clothes

Dreaming that my clothes were accidentally soiled, this dream foreshadows that her marriage emotions may have problems, and her feelings are prone to contradictions or changes.

Dream of bed and other items broken

If dreams of bedding and other things suddenly break, it is also related to emotions, indicating that the relationship between the two may appear cracks.

Dreaming of teeth waiting to fall

If you dream of losing your teeth and no blood, this may be a sign that something is happening at home, because teeth or hair are all part of the body, so this is related to yourself and your family, and may appear in health or other aspects Problems should pay more attention.

Dream of no water

If you dream that the faucet in your home can't get water, or you can't find water everywhere, this kind of dreaming indicates that there will be more obstacles in doing things in the near future, and less help from the nobles, and there may also be illness or wealth.

The professor reminds everyone that the real good Feng Shui should meet the needs of individuals. Feng Shui should be people-oriented, adapt to local conditions, and vary from person to person. It should be arranged in combination with the character of the birthday of the Lord and the momentum of the surrounding environment. Feng Shui combined with numerology and numerology, everyone can have good luck with Feng Shui!

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