What does it mean to dream of crying because a small animal is hurt?

Dreamsmeaning Book : At the beginning of man, nature is good. Everyone has a caring heart and knows how to love and care about others. We shed tears when we are sad; we laugh when we are happy; we also shed tears when we are moved... The crying of a small animal in the dream shows that the dreamer is very caring.

In a dream, a woman would cry because a small animal that has nothing to do with her was hurt, and sometimes even wake up from crying. Dreaming of a small animal being hurt and crying is a manifestation of love. Often through the feeling of treating those small animals, Reflecting love, usually the cuteness of this kind of woman is based on the love of things like kawaii of small objects, and her love is the same externally. In our lives, we can pay attention to whether some women will release their love for stray animals on the street. Will it be because of an ant to solemnly declare how everyone should take care of it. Yes, this is the kind of woman! If you know that a woman wakes up from crying in her dream because of this, it is worth congratulating, because you have met the cutest woman born.

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