What does it mean to dream of crying because of small animals being hurt

Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams : At the beginning of man, nature is good. Everyone has a love, know how to love others, and care about others. When we are sad, we shed tears; when we are happy, we laugh; when we are moved, we shed tears too… in the dream, weep because the small animal is hurt, which shows that the dreamer is very caring.

In a dream, a woman will cry because of a small animal that has nothing to do with her, and sometimes cry, and cry when she dreams of a small animal being hurt, which is a manifestation of love, often by treating the feelings of those small animals. Reflected in love, usually the cuteness of such a woman is based on the care of small objects such as Kawaii, her love is that it is the same to the outside world. We can pay attention in life to whether some women will release love for street animals in the street. Whether it will be solemnly announced how to care for an ant. Yes, that's the kind of woman! If you know that a woman wakes up in a dream because of this, it's worth congratulating, because you met the most lovely woman in nature.

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