Dream dream earthquake , ants move What does it mean?

The master helped me interpret the dream. My female pig , home in Jinan, living with her mother, unmarried, I made good my strange dream last night, dream about a lot of ants moving, consciousness to feel the earthquake , but also with their feet trample a lot of ants, their own As if in a dream, so real. Can you explain it to me? Thank you

( Zhou Jiemeng's official website www.zgjm.org) Xiemeng said: The earthquake can be understood here as the need for growth. Some mental structures that you have built in your heart are undergoing a subversion and reconstruction. The ants are moving. Seen as preparation activities and mental conditioning before psychological reformation, using your feet to kill a lot of ants, indicates some small inner conflicts encountered during the psychological activities, and also reflects some of your reluctance to the old inner state.

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