What does it mean to dream of the god of religion you call on to serve you wholeheartedly

Zhou Gong's interpretation of dreams : Everyone has their own religious beliefs and religious freedom, which is very common abroad. Nor can we interfere in the religious beliefs of others. The god of the religion he believes in in his dream calls on himself to serve him wholeheartedly, reflecting two situations of the dreamer, one is that he has reached the realm of selflessness in his religion, and the other is that the dreamer has no desire for sex.

In the dreams of men, the god of the religion he believes in often calls on himself to serve him wholeheartedly. For some people who believe in religion, especially when the degree of faith reaches the level of complete selflessness, everything else is a cloud, only to explain The truth of faith is strong. The other is related to sexual desire. To a certain extent, basically, the mainstream religious missionaries have to give up the family. This scientist who is passionate about some non-reproductive research, and all his energy is Like men who are struggling for a career, in their consciousness, they have lost their time with women and women, and they have no desire, but the color heart cannot be said, and the female color is as indifferent as the bottled water at home.

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