Dreaming of a centipede or being chased by a centipede in a hundred feet means good luck is coming.

Dreaming of a centipede biting a person will make you healthy and live longer. Dreaming of capturing centipedes indicates that you will make too many enemies and hinder your career development.

Dreaming of killing a centipede indicates that there will be a crack in the relationship with a friend, and the former friend will turn against each other.

To dream that centipedes are in a pile, your career will fail miserably and cause irreparable losses.

The patient dreamed of the appearance of centipedes, and the illness would heal quickly.

To dream that the room is full of centipedes, increase property and benefits, and sign that worries, worries, distress, diseases, etc. disappear.

The bee-centipede is not going to happen. It means to dream of the mating of bees and centipedes, indicating that something will not be done.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dreaming of centipede means long life. Dunhuang Book of Dreams

To dream of a centipede biting a person is unlucky. Shuhuang Book of Dreams

Dream centipedes are in groups. Dream that the Lord has confided in many non-kindness, so be sure to cut off friendship to avoid harm. Secretary of Broken Dreams

A centipede bites a person and has a good lifespan. Dreamsmeaning Book