I dreamed that when I heard the dog barking, I would be attacked by the enemy.

  Dreaming of dogs biting themselves, they will diverge with friends and be isolated.

  Dreaming of an unfriendly dog ​​means that relationships will worsen.

  Dreaming of the dog walking towards himself, he will make good friends and get help from friends in difficult situations.

  Dreaming of looking after a dog indicates a good relationship with friends.

  Xunzi dreamed of a dog, her friend was weak and incompetent.

  Dreaming that the dog was walking behind the bitch, the friend was unpredictable.

  Dreaming of bitches and puppies together, friends will bring benefits.

  Dreaming of dog barks and ghosts coming for food. Dreaming of beating a dog foreshadows suspicion on those who are loyal to one's own fault.

  Dogs are characterized by being loyal to their owners and fierce against their enemies.

  The dog in the dream is anti-thief. The so-called thief is the desire and thoughts in the heart that are not in line with the morality of the self.

  Dreaming of a dog dying means that a faithful good friend or assistant will die.

  Dreaming of a tail-swinging dog means that someone may be hiding something from you and beware of being betrayed.

  Dreaming of talking to a dog means having a quarrel with his wife or subordinates.

  Dreaming of dogs chasing peacocks, they will be in debt, often disturbed by creditors.

  Dreaming of a dog biting, the omen was conspired or attacked.

  Dreaming of a dog biting his owner who lost his wealth, will compete with a friend, and there may be danger of being killed by fraud, which is a precursor to spending a lot of money.

  Dreaming of being bitten by a dog , you will be attacked by your enemies, or seriously ill.

  Dreaming of a puppy, he said he would quarrel with neighbors, colleagues, and school friends for small things.

  Dreaming of owning a dog means that the family cares most about themselves.