Dreaming of seeing antelopes, or clothes or gadgets made of antelope skins in a natural environment indicates that your economic status will be suddenly improved.

Dreaming of the antelope herd indicates that you have high ideals, but you will need to make great efforts to realize it.

A young woman dreams of an antelope falling from a height, indicating that the love she passionately pursues will deal a devastating blow to you.

Dreaming of Tibetan antelopes barking, property will suffer.

Dreaming of clothes made of antelope skin indicates that one's economic status will be suddenly improved.

A man dreams of an antelope is a sign of wealth.

A woman dreams of antelope, a good omen, life will be happy.

Dreaming of an antelope with a horn indicates that some small wishes can be fulfilled, things in progress will succeed, or things under discussion will have good news.