Zhou Gong Xie Meng dreamed of hitting a turtle with stones

  Dreaming of hitting a turtle with a stone means that the danger will come from the enemy.

  Dreaming of hitting a turtle with a stone, no matter if you are a good person or a bad person, it is inevitable that someone will deliberately have trouble with you. As the saying goes, "Harmfulness must not exist, and defense must not be absent", so it is also necessary for life to take precautions.

  Dreaming of turning a turtle into a stone suggests that danger is coming. Most of this danger will come from the revenge of your enemies, and you will be hurt. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on your opponent's actions against you, and try to avoid his attacks, so that you can avoid danger.

  Dreaming about catching turtles, there are health problems. Special attention should be paid to diseases such as nephritis, hepatitis, jaundice, influenza and irregular menstruation. The best way to get healthy is to get enough sleep.

  Manual laborers dream of catching turtles. The health concern is the respiratory system. Beware of respiratory infections. Drink plenty of lung soup, go to crowded places, and go to fresh air.

  Dreaming of killing the tortoise indicates that the recent fortunes are good, especially "Yin Ming Jin Xiang Ren", and will make several new friends.

  The man dreamed of killing the tortoise, foretelling that he might have encountered obstacles on the way because of his recent business trip, and he had to take extra precautions.

  A single person dreams of killing a tortoise, which indicates that love is good, and as long as he can pay sincerely, he will get better.

  A woman dreams of killing a turtle, which indicates a red light on health, unexpected diseases, and sudden illness such as cecumitis. To avoid fatigue caused by staying up late, pay more attention.

  Job seekers dream of killing turtles, which indicates that the job search is good, and the sense of competition will increase, so they can boldly try some popular positions.

  The student dreamed of killing the tortoise, indicating that he did not want to work hard in his studies. He hoped that he could achieve the desired results with ease and relaxation. He might use some small steps to help himself. Seriously, there may be irregular behavior .

  The old man dreamed of killing the turtle, which indicates that his health is not good, there may be unexpected diseases, and fatigue may still be caused by staying up late. Usually he should pay more attention.

  The workers dreamed of killing the tortoises, indicating that the fortune is good, there are many opportunities at work, and everything will go well.

  Case Study of Dreaming of Turtle with Stone

  Dream Description: Dreaming of a big turtle, turning over, looking at me fiercely, I hit him with stones, there are many small turtles next to it, what does it mean and what does it foretell?

  Dreamland analysis: Turtle Lord Fulu, but you hit it with stones, this is destroying your Fulu, you may offend some people because of some carelessness, they will retaliate against you, you will be hurt . Be sure to pay attention.