Dreaming of mice running around, recently living expenses will increase, and if you don't pay attention to thrift, you will be in debt. Make reasonable arrangements for your living expenses, otherwise your money will flow out.

  I dreamed of rats making holes in the bedroom to protect valuables at home, and the home might be stolen.

  Dreaming of a bunch of mice running and feeling very dirty, it means that your own emotional monopoly is too strong, so it will make the other party want to escape . If the dream mouse ran out of the hole, then It means that you want to have a sexual relationship, but a less clean mind.

  I dreamed that the white mouse was leading the way, cooperating with others to start a new business, and the wealthy life was with me. But be aware that mental exhaustion is unavoidable.

  The student dreamed that the mouse ran away, and the learning performance was low. It may be that the mood is not good recently, which leads to reluctance to read.

  Unmarried men and women dreamed that the mice had run away, and recently they had a good relationship with their lovers. You can easily get the favor of the opposite sex, but you have an indifferent attitude towards love.

  When young people dream of mice running away, the focus of their health needs is on the heart. Arrhythmias are often caused by excessive fatigue. Pay attention to rest.