Zhou Gong Xie Meng dreamed of red carp

  Carp and red carp have auspicious symbolic meaning in folk. In the past, carp was believed to be a spiritual fish.

  According to legend, as long as carps and red carps can jump over the dragon gate, they will turn into flying dragons in the sky.

  Dreaming of carp and red carp represents the academic success and career development of the dreamer.

  Dreaming of carps and red carps swimming in fish ponds shows that dreamers will have a career.

  Dreaming of red carp, carp, red carp bouncing in the water, indicating that there will be a happy event in the home of the dreamer.

  Dreaming of the carp and red carp jumping through the dragon gate indicates that the dreamer will fly yellow and become rich and rich.

  Zhougong Stock Market Dreamed of Red Carp

  Dreaming of red carp, the stock market decline will rise.

  The original version of Zhougong Xiemeng dreamed of red carp

  Carp, his wife is pregnant, and lucky. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  Dreaming of carp, there will be happy events. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

  Dream carp. This dream is a sign of change. The scholars jumped high with the dragon gate, and the Shifeng Fengge went up first. The number of things should be between four and nine. Mysterious Dreams

  Dream carp. This is a sign of change. The dream of a pregnant woman is a very special person, but it should be in the forty-nine. "Secret Secretary"

  Psychology Interpretation Dream Dreaming Red Carp

  Dream interpretation: When we interpret the dream, we first determine whether the fish represents wealth, and the next step is to judge what kind of wealth the fish represents, based on the fish's appearance, type, where the fish are, and so on. Sometimes fish does not necessarily represent tangible monetary material, but intangible spiritual wealth. People also often overlook another solution for "fish", and fish can also represent "opportunity".

  Psychoanalysis: When dreaming about fish, the satisfaction of physical needs usually manifests in the form of fish in dreams, while raw fish indicates misfortune.

  Spiritual Symbol: Fish symbolizes spiritual nourishment and wealth on this level.

  Dream Case Study of Red Carp

  Description of the dream: In the dream, we seem to drive to play. When we come to a reservoir on the way, we come down and walk. The water of this reservoir is turquoise and blue, and there are many kinds of fish in the water, among which there are more red carps. Some fish are quite big, and from time to time some fish jump out of the water. (Male, 29 years old)

  Dreamland analysis: Dreaming of red carp, it represents academic success and career development. Dreaming of carps swimming in and out of fish ponds shows that you will develop in your career. Dreaming of a red carp bouncing in the water, heralding a happy event in your home.