The worm symbolizes death and decay. It appears in dreams, foretelling that you will have unwelcome enemies, or sinister invaders, to steal your sweetheart's love for you.

  Dreaming of a worm may also mean that you will encounter a financial crisis.

  If the worm in the dream is wriggling in the corpse , it symbolizes the continuation of life after death, and lives after death.

  The young woman dreamed that worms were crawling on her body, indicating that she would long for material benefits.

  Dreaming of throwing or killing the worm predicted that she would shake her desire for material and instead seek moral and spiritual sustenance.

  Dreaming of using worms as fishing bait indicates that you will use your opponents to serve yourself with clever means.

  Psychological Dream Interpretation

  Dream interpretation: The basic meaning of a worm symbolizes the penis. Depending on your gender and how you think about sex, worms can be considered threatening.

  Psychoanalysis: Worms appear in dreams, expressing your useless or meaningless feelings. If the worm is bigger than a person, it reflects your inferiority complex. If the constructor sees the material excreted after the earthworms puddle the dirt, it is related to the transformation. It means that you can change your life and benefit from it.

  Spiritual symbol: dreaming of worms, that is the metaphor of death. You should be prepared to change spiritually soon.