Dreaming of a dead prey means that the money is deceived to incur losses.

Dreaming of a dead prey, such a dream has a lot to do with your reality, and is related to the dreamer's money. Dreaming of this implies that the dreamer will suffer a loss in money recently and may be scammed, reminding you to be careful recently.

Dreaming of hunting often indicates disaster, struggle, or disease.

To dream of hunting and to pay attention to your health in the near future indicates that you may suddenly fall ill.

But if you dream of going out hunting and returning with a full load, it implies an increase in income, a large amount of income in the near future, or a prosperous business and rich profits.

Dreaming about hunting with friends also implies that you may encounter trouble in interpersonal communication, or encounter setbacks in your career, or be fired when you encounter company layoffs.

A woman dreams of hunting, she will give birth to a strong son.