Dreams meaning Book dreams of termites, white ants

Termites are also called water ants, mainly because they usually appear before it rains . It is widely distributed on all continents of the world except Antarctica. It is a social insect. The number of individual termites in each termite nest is likely to reach more than one million.

The termite's mouth is very hard and can smash wood into pieces, which symbolizes the use of powerful means to obtain wealth. The dreamer has sufficient energy and strong ability, so he can "eat deliciously" everywhere, which is a good dream.

Dreaming of termites leaving the nest may imply that the dreamer is likely to travel far in the near future, such as traveling or going out for work because of work needs. The journey will be smoother, but it also reminds the dreamer to go out. Outside, you must pay attention to safety, especially not to offend others easily, you must know the truth of "a strong dragon does not crush a snake".

To dream of termites entering your home, this dream may indicate that the dreamer's recent fortune is relatively good, and the dreamer is likely to earn substantial wealth in the near future, and even lead a prosperous and happy life. A good dream.

The original Dreamsmeaning Book dreams of termites, white ants

When termites enter the house, the Lord makes money. Dreamsmeaning Book

Termites leave home and eat and wear less. Dreamsmeaning Book

Case analysis of dreaming about termites, white ants

Dream description: There is a construction worker who dreamed that a large group of termites swarmed into the foot of his bed. Those termites were like a moving, irregular sphere, rolling around in the room. All the objects where the termites went, disappeared, maybe it was eaten by the termites, and the workers were too scared to get out of bed. As the contents of the house decreased, those termite colonies became larger and larger, and the size of a single termite It's also getting bigger. Seeing that they were about to attack themselves, the workers panicked, picked up a box of matches, polished them and threw them at the termite colony. In an instant, they turned into fireballs, and the whole house suddenly lit up, and all the missing furniture Returned to the original position.

Dream analysis: Termites are more harmful than beneficial to humans. The losses caused by their harm are staggering. They not only cause harm to crops, especially sugarcane, but also harm trees, buildings, rivers and dams. In addition, termites can also eat silver. Termites secrete a high concentration of formic acid, which chemically reacts with silver to form silver formic acid. This is a black powder that will be eaten by termites. Termites in life will affect people's property.

Dream scholars believe that termites are responsible for wealth. Termites’ mouths are very hard and can smash wood into pieces, which symbolizes the use of powerful means to obtain wealth. Therefore, if you dream of termites leaving your home, it means that wealth is leaving you and you will live a tight life. On the contrary, if you dream of termites in your own home, it is a good sign of wealth.