Dreaming of you, is Xiangrui, which means you will have good luck.

  Dream centipede bite themselves, the body healthy and strong, sickness dissipated.

  The patient dreamed of biting himself, his condition would soon improve, and his body would soon recover.

  Unmarried men and women dream of biting themselves, their love fortune succeeds.

  The students dreamed of biting themselves and had a good score in recent exams .

  The old man dreamed of biting himself, saying that he could prolong his life.

  Businessmen dream of biting themselves and succeeding in business and getting rich.

  When a woman is bitten by herself, the husband and wife will be harmonious, the family will be happy, and they will have a life to help their husband achieve career success.

  The Red Top businessman dreamed that he would be captivated by himself, that his business would be prosperous, and that his financial resources would become turbulent.