Dreaming of the loach Lord's blessing symbolizes wealth.

A man dreams of loach, can be like a fish in his work or career, handles things very smoothly and reasonably, and will be recognized by everyone.

A woman dreams of loach, which foreshadows an increase in fortune and luck. The woman will control the family's income reasonably, and get the support of her husband and family.

The students dreamed of loach, which foreshadows that dreamers will achieve excellent academic results in the exams held in the fall , which pleases your parents.

People who work in literature dream about loach, suggesting that the dreamer will be very sad in the fall.

The farmer dreamed of loach, this is Xiang Ruizhao. It implies that dreamers can have a good harvest in the autumn crop.

Travelers dream of loach, which is to tell dreamers that they can have the opportunity to go home and reunite with their family in the fall.

When a sick person dreams of loach, it means that the body of the dreamer will be cured by the fall, and the disease will disappear.

Dream leaps into the water, Kyrgyzstan. This dream scribe has the test of autumn; the poet is a dreamer, and there is autumn sadness; the farmer and the farmer dream of this, and there is hope of autumn; the traveler dreams of this, the Lord returns to autumn; the sick person dreams of this, when autumn Gradually heal. Everything meets autumn. Loach is a kind of fish that lives on the ground floor. Because of the homophony of "鳅" and "autumn", seeing loach in the dream symbolizes that everything must wait until autumn.