Dreaming of taking a big dog for a walk shows good interpersonal relationships. Have fun with old and new friends.

  Dreaming of taking a dog for a walk means that your interpersonal relationship is very good, your friends are loyal to you, and you will be able to make new friends in the near future and have good interactions.

  Dreaming of being bitten by a dog that you are holding, you must deeply reflect on whether you have harmed the relationship or interest with others because of some inappropriate practices. Please cherish the friendship with your friends, and don't do anything that goes against your conscience, so that your friends will turn against each other and do things that hurt you.

  Dreaming that I am holding the dog and running with the dog shows that what you are doing does not violate your conscience. When you run with the dog, what you do may be against your conscience or someone around you may lead you astray. You have been trying to grasp the scale of conscience and not let yourself fall. Generally speaking, it is still good. Now you need to have your own opinions and ideas. You follow the opinions of others too much and let yourself handle things without your own opinions. Your dog here can see that it is your problem. You still need to look right.

  Dreaming of taking the dog home, there will be quite a lot of performance opportunities today, and my personal charm index will improve a lot.

  Beware of villains when you dream of a dog you have never seen before.