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Dreaming of the golden-winged bird Kasara (annotation: the mount of Vishnu, one of the three main gods of bream nurturing) flying in the air, can be lucky. Life is rich.

To dream of a gold-winged bird standing on a high place indicates that you are a person of high morals and will be respected.

To dream of a golden-winged bird falling on your head is a bad omen.

Dreaming of two golden-winged birds fighting, indicates vicious competition in business.

Dreaming of a gold-winged bird holding its prey in its mouth indicates that it will make a fortune.

To dream of a gold-winged bird resting in the nest means that it will lead a comfortable life.

Dreaming of two gold-winged birds in other nests indicates that you will work hard to open a new factory.

Dreaming of a gold-winged bird standing on the ground indicates that the price of land is going to drop.

Case analysis of dreaming about golden-winged bird

Dream description: I dreamed that I was flying in the blue sky with a golden-winged bird by my side. When flying over a palace, the golden-winged bird said that it could not fly anymore and had reached the destination. After speaking, the golden-winged bird's eyes began to change. There was a fiery sun in one of its eyes. There is a mirror-like moon in one eye. After a while, the wings of the golden-winged bird seemed to have been burned, and the flames were flying like a hurricane. On the colorful wings, neon lights glowed with dazzling brilliance.

Dream analysis: dreaming of a gold-winged bird flying side by side with you in the air means that good luck has always been with you.