Zhou Gong interprets dreams and dreams about gold-winged birds

  I dreamed of the golden-winged bird Gadara flying for good luck in the air. Wealthy.

  Dreaming of a gold-winged bird standing high suggests that you are a person of high moral standing and will be respected.

  It is an ominous dream to dream of a gold-winged bird landing on its head.

  Dreaming of two gold-winged birds fighting, heralding vicious competition in business.

  Dreaming of a gold-winged bird holding a prey in her mouth, heralding a fortune.

  Dreaming of a gold-winged bird resting in a nest means that it will lead a comfortable life.

  Dreaming of two gold-winged birds in other birdhouses indicates that you will work hard to open a new factory.

  Dreaming of a gold-winged bird standing on the ground, heralding a drop in land prices.

  Case Study of Dreaming Golden-winged Bird

  Description of the dream: I dreamed that I was flying in the blue sky, accompanied by a gold-winged bird. When flying above a palace, the gold-winged bird said that it could no longer fly, and it had reached its destination. After that, the two eyes of the gold-winged bird began to change, and there was a fiery and sun in one of its eyes. There is a mirror-like moon in one eye. After a while, the wings of the golden-winged bird seemed to be burnt, and the flames were flying like a hurricane, and the colorful wings were shining with neon lights.

  Dreamland analysis: Dreaming of gold-winged birds flying side by side with you in the air, implying that good luck has been with you.