Chow Gong dreams about trout

  The trout in dreams means that good luck will bring you wealth growth.

  Dreaming about swimming trout indicates good health and energy.

  Dreaming of sending trout to others indicates that you may meet friends who are stronger than yourself and will help you in the future.

  Dreaming of trout eating means that you are rich and a person who will enjoy.

  Dreaming of trout tasting indicates that you will enjoy yourself in good living conditions.

  Dreaming of the sale of trout is an ominous sign. In real life, because you can't grasp the opportunity to get rich, your life has been in a difficult situation, so that you have to endure unfortunate torture.

  Dreaming of trout for others, this is a hint that you will be a great person. You in life can be generously relieved, but have social praise, continue to carry forward your advantages!

  Dreaming of catching a trout with a fishhook shows that you will be able to reap happiness.

  If you dream about trout falling back into the water, it means that you will have a chance to add happiness.

  Catching trout with fishnets in your dreams symbolizes your business will flourish.

  Dreaming of seeing trout in the muddy water means that while you are enjoying your sweet love, you will also worry about other things.

  In addition, the Freudian school believes that all fish are symbols of male genitalia.

  Dream Case Study of Trout

  Dream description: I dreamed that my friend asked me to go fishing . My man didn't have good fishing skills. After fishing for a long time, I still found nothing. There are many trouts in the reservoir. I thought it would be better to buy some fish for a while, so I bought a few trout home. (Female, 28 years old)

  Dream Analysis: The trout in the dream is a symbol of health and income. If you dream about swimming trout, it indicates that your body is healthy and energetic. If you dream about catching trout, it means you will get good economic results. If you dream of giving trout to others, it means that you will make better friends than you.